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    Welcome MillerGoodman to the VICI family


    We are happy and excited to welcome MillerGoodman to our family of design toys. Makers of environmentally-friendly wood block and toys with modern designs, MillerGoodman have won many awards for its amazing PlayShapes, FaceMaker and ShapeMaker products. 

    To illustrate what makes MillerGoodman special, let's take a look at HeartShapes. Somewhat akin to tangrams, but more complex due to the increased number of shapes involved, HeartShapes is a wonderful example of the marriage between form -the shape of the rubber wood pieces - and the design - the wonderfully detailed painted surfaces - that can create everything from a simple heart, which isn't so simple to recreate once you take it apart, to a swan to the word "Love."  


    The entire collection from this Brighton, UK design duo is available to view now, with expected ship dates of May/June as inventory comes into our warehouse. 

    But don't just take our word for it - Gift&Dec thinks MillerGoodman is special too!

    Please take a moment to dig deep into the products and their associated images - they truly are beautiful.