About Us

Based in New York City, VICI Brands is the exclusive distributor for specialty design brands from the UK, US, France, Sweden, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, and Spain. We launch and grow brands, sometimes investing in emerging designers to develop and manufacture products.

When VICI Brands was established 10 years ago, our focus was on premier design toys catering to the gift market. Since then, we have expanded categories to include table top, decor, accessories. Today, VICI Brands is the one-stop destination for over 2,000 retailers in the U.S. seeking thoughtfully curated, best-in-class gifts and home decor from all over the world.

Our curation highlights quality and aesthetic design. From Pappelina's sustainable plastic rugs woven in the traditional method by Swedish artisans to the sleek, handcrafted porcelain bird-shaped shells in DAQI Concept's smart alarm clocks, form and function are heightened by art and design in every product VICI Brands offers.

We stock inventory and ship within 1-2 business days from New York / New Jersey.