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    Rian Tricot


    Cushion CUPCAKE

    Rian Tricot uses the  softest and most durable yarns for their cushions! 

    Materials: Knitted cotton 50% and nylon 50% Fill: 100% polyester silicon fiber

    Product Dimension: 14" x 16" 

    Box Dimension: 

    Product/Box Weight: 2 Pound

    Designed and Made in Brazil

    This is a decor item. It is not a toy. 

    About the Brand:

    Rian Tricot of Brazil makes amazing nursery decor products. Since 2004, their products have decorated tens of thousands of baby rooms the world over. Knitting is their raison d'être. The warmth of knitted high-grade yarns in beautiful patterns and textures fills both eyes and hearts.

    Rian Tricot’s extensive collection of cushions, pillows, and blankets are well-designed with a varying yet complimentary color pallet; each individual product coordinates with others to bring effortless luxury to every nursery.

    Rian Tricot uses the softest and most durable yarns for each of their pillows and cushions!